Tradershub is the first all-in-one Crypto Trading Platform, developed by traders for traders. It combines all exchanges on a single screen. Its usability is as good as the best stock & forex trading systems featuring one-click execution, chart trading and multiple screens. All crypto trading platforms on the market are made for programmers, not for traders. Tradershub is changing the game.

THT is a utility token that can be used to access the platform and its features. Additionally, THT will be Tradershub’s principal payment unit, essentially functioning as an internal currency.

There will not be any additional trading fees on Tradershub platform. In order to access the platform, trader will have to hold certain amount of our tokens in secured wallet. With THT you can invest in successful traders and automated strategies, access various features/services as well as incentivize community building and value creation through a dynamic reward system. THT token will also be used as a token for content – providers and content users and trading tournaments between traders.

THT can also be held as an asset and trade with it. We are well aware of how important it is to get the support from exchanges and will do our best to enable trading with our token THT tokens will also be on the reach directly over our platform.

The Tradeshub token will be implemented as an ERC20 compatible token on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum was the optimal choice for this project due to its broad adoption and industry-standard for issuing custom digital assets. The compatibility with the ERC20 standard leverages upon the existing infrastructure advantages of the Ethereum ecosystem.

Tradershub Tokens will:

  • Be the internal payment mechanism for accessing and using all features and services on the Tradershub platform
  • Fuel a dynamic social rewarding and reputation system
  • Be the payment instrument for platform functionalities

Tradershub Tradershub Tokens will not:

  • Pay dividends or profits of any kind, including buyback
  • Enable holders to vote on company matters
  • Control the company or give/imply ownership in any way

Up to this point we have our backend exchange solution, capable of scalable integration with trading bots and liquidity pools, supporting traditional currency (FIAT) transfers, proper KYC/AML procedures and fast execution developed and ready to go. Through this ICO we want to raise funds for developing the frontend, apps, advanced functionalities, charting, etc. First demo is planned to go live in Q2-Q3 2018.

Yes! Find out everything about it on our blog.

Yes, we do! Read all about it on Bitcointalk.

THT will be listed on exchanges after the successfully finished ICO. Exact information are yet to be announced.


  1. Create an account by registering on Tradershub website and confirm your account via email.
  2. Fill out the KYC form to apply to the whitelist
  3. Once verified you can login to your Tradershub user control panel and find the address to contribute ETH.

We posted a detailed guide for contributing in Tradershub token sale on our blog.

March 5th - March 26th, 2018

To participate in the crowdsale a minimum contribution of 0.1 ETH is required. Maximum contribution is 300 ETH.

There will be max. Total of 83 385 000 THT minted. 50 031 00 THT will be available in the Token Sale.

1 ETH = 3600 THT
The price of the THT is tied to ETH instead of USD at a fixed USD/ETH exchange rate 1 ETH = 1000 USD.

You need ETH in an ERC-20 compatible wallet.
IMPORTANT: Never transfer ETH to Tradershub Contribution Address from an online exchange (Bitstamp, Poloniex, Coinbase, Kraken, Gemini etc.) Send it to your private wallet first!

Yes, we offer bonuses based on the currently active Stage. We have 5 Stages. All informations on Stages are on the ICO DETAILS page.

The transactions should have been rejected, your balance has not changed. Please try again with enough gas. When contributing to Tradershub token sale we propose you set the limit to 200 000 in the “GAS LIMIT” section. This value, together with GAS PRICE, will affect the amount of ETH you will pay to the Ethereum Network for the confirmation of the transaction.

Check the website https://ethgasstation.info/ and adjust your Gas price in accordance with Recommended Gas Prices.

Add a new Token and use the following parameters (eg. Metamask):
Address: 0xaaeb3fe6a763f050f3ba384e8f8fcafa04bf44bc
Token Symbol: THT
Decimals of precision: 18

Your tokens will be displayed and distributed via the smart contract instantly upon contributing, but transfers are locked until the sale concludes. Your tokens will be unlocked 7-10 days after completion of crowdsale.

Yes, you can contribute multiple times up to a total of 300 ETH, which is the current personal cap for each investor.

Soft Cap: 3000 ETH
Hard Cap: 12000 ETH

If softcap would not be reached the smart contract has a trustless refund mechanism. The ETH will be returned to contributors but the development will not be stopped, just delayed.

There will be no unsold tokens. For each ETH contribution the smart contract mints THT automatically. Tokens are minted up to a predefined maximum (83,385,000 THT), so there will be no unsold tokens. Non-crowdsale token allocations are generated when the sale concludes in fixed % based on the amount of tokens generated during the crowdsale.

We’re using the Ethereum public blockchain.


Yes, they are mandatory.

Yes you may provide a passport, driver’s license or any other government issued photo ID document.

Citizens or individuals with lawful permanent resident or domicile in the USA, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, US Virgin Islands, China, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Ecuador, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Sudan, Yemen, Laos, Uganda are not allowed to contribute in the Tradershub Token Sale.

KYC processing and exception handling is done manually and it usually takes about 1-24 hours. Please note that it may take longer because it depends on the current volume of submissions we receive. As soon as your data is reviewed you will be notified via email.

Yes, you may participate with a lower or a higher amount of ETH than you’ve stated in your KYC form.

If you would like to update your information or you’ve made an error, please email your request to [email protected].io and specify the changes you want to make.

Email us at [email protected] or join our discussion on Telegram and we’ll be happy to help!